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2. The paradoxical course of the Sun on the firmament

For a long time people determined time by the Sun.

The quantity and the quality of the solar Light cause various cyclic changes in the Nature of the Earth. The man determined the seasons and time by these changes. Moreover, the direction of time coincides with the direction of Sun movement on the firmament.

The amount of time for us, tellurians, is determined by a piece of a way, which the Sun has passed on the firmament.

The way, by which the Sun goes on the firmament, is called the ecliptic.

By an example of a rainbow it is evidently visible, that solar light is spectrally divided into the set of colours. The visible and invisible colour rays make an electromagnetic flow (EMF) of radiation of the Sun and the Earth and differ in the characteristics and properties.

Depending on a season, on a position of the Sun on the ecliptic, one or another spectral constituent of an electromagnetic flow, dominates in the Nature of the Earth, determining the quality of time. For example, spring and autumn are equal one another by the amount of Light, but the quality of this Light (EMF) leads  to  waking up of the Nature in spring and falling asleep in autumn.

The domination of the spectral constituent of the Light is determined by a place of the Sun on the ecliptic, i.e. its coordinate. Therefore for the qualitative characteristic of the Light it is necessary to attach the ecliptic to any coordinate system. The unique natural coordinate system of the Sun is the zodiacal band, on which the ecliptic is projected. Knowing, in what sign of the zodiac at the given moment there is the Sun, we can determine the domination of one or another spectral constituent of light at the given moment.

For example, the Sun is in the Cancer constellation. In the northern hemisphere of the Earth it is  summer, warm, domination of the red and infra-red rays of the EMF spectrum. Or: coordinate of the Sun in Capricorn constellation. Hence, on the Earth in northern hemisphere it is winter, cold, domination of light-blue and gamma-rays of EMF spectrum from the natural radioactive background of the Earth.

As the cyclic changes in the Nature of the Earth depend on the amount and quality of Light, the Sun is the source of time for us, tellurians.

Really, the Sun goes from night to morning, from morning to night. Have you ever seen reverse movement of the Sun?!! The interval of time "morning" is understood by a man, as the certain conventional interval of time, but it means, that at the moment of morning the Sun is in East, instead of in West. The same is for seasons. Therefore Sun is always a source of amount, quality of time and direction of its movement.

The Sun goes on the ecliptic, passing it for one year and for one day. Annual ecliptic is the reflection of orbital revolution of the Earth around the Sun, and daily ecliptic - reflection of axial rotation of the Earth:

Orbital revolution of the Earth around the Sun

fig. 1

The paradox is that the Sun goes the same way on ecliptic simultaneously in two opposite directions.

Let's show this surprising fact graphically and make the appropriate explanatory. Let's take into account that the direction of orbital revolution of the Earth coincides with a direction of its axial rotation.

Let's see, how the solar ray will move on the Earth surface at orbital revolution of the Earth, i.e. during one year:

fig. 2

As we see, at right orbital revolution of the Earth in plane of a drawing, the solar ray slips on the Earth surface during the year to the left. And in a fig. 3 the Earth makes axial rotation in days, but the solar ray slips on the Earth surface in days to the right already:

Moving of ray of sunlight

fig. 3

Hence, the movement of the Sun on ecliptic during one and day is diametrically opposite.

Having united the fig. 2 and 3 we shall receive simplified kinematical scheme of Biological clock of the Earth:


Simplified kinematical scheme of Biological clock of the Earth

fig. 4

However, we should graphically show reverse motion of the Sun on both ecliptics better, than just by arrows. For this purpose we use the coordinates for the Sun, and it will be always possible to consider its motion. Natural coordinate system of the Sun is the zodiacal band, on which ecliptic is projected.

Having projected both ecliptics together on a plane with their celestial coordinates, we shall get a plane of time. Moving and rotating in this plane, the days and years of the Earth history go by.


Plane of time

fig. 5

To move on two ecliptics in opposite directions at once, the same Sun should meet the following requirements: on annual ecliptic the Sun should be on one sign of the zodiac, and on daily ecliptic - on a sign, which is opposite to annual (the sign on annual ecliptic). On a circle of ecliptic, the direction of movement of the Sun is diametrically opposite only in points laying at angle of 180 from each other, and in the selected coordinate system - in opposite signs of the zodiac. Then the position of daily and annual ecliptics from each other, according to above-stated ratio of their celestial coordinates, will match the plane of time (fig. 5).

Orbital movement of the Sun around the center of our Galaxy, filled with relic radio emission of the universe, extends annual and daily ecliptics to a spiral of time (fig. 6). We will address repeatedly to this important fact.


fig. 6

Biological clock is formed by the Earth and the Sun. To make graphic image of Bioclock more convenient and simple, we shall make the duration of year equal to 360 days, so that 1 of annual ecliptic will be one day. It will facilitate the further calculations.

As the Sun is passed on ecliptic the same way both for one day, and for 360 days, than linear speed of time of daily ecliptic is 360 times more than linear speed of time of annual ecliptic. But linear speed of a day vector of time is 12 times lower than linear speed of year vector of time. It is easy to understand, passing during 30 days the year sign of the zodiac in one direction, the Sun will visit its antisign of daily ecliptic, where the time goes diametrically opposite to year time, only during 2,5 days. During two hours the Sun passes a sign of the zodiac in daily ecliptic. Multiply 2 hours by 30 days - we shall get 60 hours or 2,5 days. This is the time, for which the Sun will stay in the day zodiac (antisign), during its passage of a sign of the zodiac on annual ecliptic. Then we shall divide 30 days into 2,5 days, it will be 12. It means, that on the year sign of the zodiac the Sun has spent 12 times more time, than on day antisign. Hence, living 360 days in one year, we become more older only for 330 days. Others 30 days reduced by the day vector of time. Hence, living through the calendar year, we approach to Death not for one year, but for 330 days: for one year the day vector of time rejects us from Death for 30 days (2,5 days 12 signs of the zodiac = 30).

Therefore, for the man and the whole earth, annual ecliptic is ecliptic of Death, and day - ecliptic of Life.

But in such case, taking into account, that the vector of time in day is directed diametrically opposite to vector of time in year, no seasonal changes in the Nature of the Earth should take place. But you see them occur! Why? The fact is that except for linear speed, the time has also biological speed.

The biological speed of time is the duration (exposition, endurance) of influence of spectral constituents of visible and invisible light on the nature of the Earth during one year and day.

And in this case, the ratio between them is in favor of annual ecliptic. Really, for 30 day of the Sun staying in the year sign of the zodiac, where the special wave characteristic of Light takes place, it will stay in day antisign 12 times lesser, i.e. 2.5 days, during which the wave characteristics of Light can not have essential influence on the Nature of the Earth. For this reason the ecliptic of Death wins all the time, and the time constantly goes forward and seasonal changes of the Nature of the Earth takes place. Certainly, the wave characteristics of Light are imposed by an inclination of an earth axis of 23 degrees to a plane of its orbit. For us, people, as biological objects, it is important that the biological speed of time in one year is twelve times higher than biological speed of time in day, that is why the time in our organism expressed in biological reactions, always goes forward, from birth to death.

The time has inertia at the influence on the biological objects. For example, if you are exposed to the ultra-violet radiation, the sunburn will not appear at once, but later. And everything has the same principle. The biological effect of the time comes always not instantly, but after some time.

The time inertia is in the inverse proportion to an exposition (endurance) of the electromagnetic flow. The more one or another constituent of the spectrum of EMF influences on the biological object, the less the inertia is. And the opposite is right too: the less the endurance, the longer the inertia.

In Biological clock of the Earth the time is not a philosophical category, but completely naked, barefaced matter staying in the electromagnetic form.

For human life the lapse of time inside the man is important.


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