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3. So who is in fault of our death?
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3. So who is in fault of our death?

The protons deficiency leads to a death. Aging and its numerous masks - the illnesses, also grow out of hydrogen deficiency. The organism without hydrogen ions (protons) is not capable to remove the green screen of Death, and we leave this world.

The occurrence of the green screen depends on respiration of oxygen of air, which burns a pink heme, transforming it into a green biliverdin. The oxygen is the strongest oxidizer. But the hydrogen (proton) removes the green screen. The hydrogen is the strongest reducer. And if the oxygen is the burner, the hydrogenids is the extinguisher.

The oxidation and the restoration are two opposite processes. But these processes are uniform: one does not take place without another. Moreover, where there is one, another is shown. It is well seen on an example of our respiration. The biochemistry names respiration as biological oxidation. But the same biochemistry has given the other, exacter name to the respiration. In another way, the respiration is detachment of hydrogen (protons) from substrata with the help of the oxygen (substrata dehydrogenation). And according to this definition, the oxygen is used to get ions of the hydrogen. And we already know what they are necessary for. The protons enable us to live!

So, the oxygen is used for protons reception. But, quite fairly the opposite phenomenon - reduction with the help of the hydrogen should take place, therefore, we should raise consumption of the oxygen. So it also takes place!

See, the proton, removing the green screen of Death, reduces iron, enlarges synthesis of hemoglobin and respiratory enzymes. It means, that it allows increasing volumes of the Air oxygen consumption, because we have something to accept this oxygen! And then the main attribute of organism aging - hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) disappears.

The fundamental law of Nature: the law of unity and struggle of opposites was best formulated by Isaac Newton: "The force of action is equal to force of counteraction".

The law of unity and struggle of opposites, being the form of the law of conservation of energy, is applied to atomic nucleus and to boundless Space. The materialized concepts and abstractions are dependent to it. The axioms of the law are deduced from laws of struggle of day and night in the year and in the day, and from principle of relativity at the simultaneously Sun movement on two ecliptics. The law is similar to different sides of the same coin, to communicating vessels, to brief algorithm of cybernetics - yes-no.

To understand the natural mechanism of life and death, that I call Biological clock of the Earth, it is necessary to remember three axioms of the law of unity and struggle of opposites.

First. The uniform opposites are always in struggle with each other.

For example, the oxygen (oxidizer) takes part in unity and struggle of opposites with the hydrogen (reducer). The opposite is also true: the hydrogen takes part in unity and struggle with the oxygen. Their unity is shown in a molecule of water (the hydrogen and the oxygen are together and have a strong connection with each other). Their contrast is that the oxygen - the strongest oxidizer, and the hydrogen - the strongest reducer. Two types of united and opposite biological reactions: oxidation and reduction constantly take place in parallel in the organism. And our life is a long tragedy of oxidation-reduction reactions.

Second. The uniform opposites always tent to an equality in the struggle.

For example, as soon as the processes of oxidation begin, the processes of reduction take place immediately. And the stronger are the processes of oxidation, the stronger are the processes of reduction.

Third. The uniform opposites do not exist one without the other.

The third axiom has a consequence:

In case of the absolute victory of one uniform contrast above another, they both die.

So, there is no hydrogen in an organism of the man without the oxygen, but also there is no oxygen without the hydrogen.

But what the fact is? Why we all still die, in spite of the fact that there is cause-effect sign of equality between the oxygen and the hydrogen?

The secret of death is in one small detail. Oxygen can be equated with the hydrogen if the time of our life on Bioclock of the Earth would go strictly in a circle. And it does not. The time goes spire and each subsequent year convolution never happens to be an exact copy of the previous one.

According to Biological clock of the Earth, the configuration of our life in space is a spiral of time:

The true shape of the spiral in all of us

fig. 7

The convolution of this spiral from the moment of birth becomes wider until the maximum to the moment of the termination of growth and achievement of pubescence.

It is the moment of time, when volume and area of cell mass do not increase any more.

I.e., filtering ability of biofilters at this moment is maximal. From this moment the convolutions of a life spiral of each of us are steadily narrowing and are extending to a corkscrew. On the fig. 8 the diagram of a blood filtration by any biofilter with the time of our life is shown.

The diagram of the blood filtration by any biofilter

fig. 8

In connection with water losses for proton production and formed compensatory cells blockade, the biofilters begin to take out less and less slags, and more and more of them remain in the organism.

So, the time goes helical and each subsequent year annual convolution is never an exact repetition of the previous one.

Therefore cell water spent for protons production can never be completely filled up in a year cycle of oxidation and reduction. The action of relic radiation of the universe prevents it, because relic radiation of the universe, being the radio waves, stimulates our kidney to the increased excretion of the water from an organism. 11-year cycle of solar activity connected to the axial rotation of the Sun contributes its mite in our death. 11-year cycle of solar activity influencing on the solar radiation intensity, changes the intensity of water losses of an organism also, because this cycle changes the rate of an oxygen consumption by the same organism.

Distance between year convolutions of a spiral of time is called a step. The step of a spiral of life is never constant. The step which is taken into account after the termination of the period of growth is equal to year proton deficiency.

It turns out, that at the general treating of a question of human life and death, the reason of death is respiration with the oxygen of air. On closer examination of the problem the reason of death is hydrogen deficiency of an organism.

At more steadfast view of things, the reason of death is the spiral way of time in Bioclock in relation to relic radiation of the universe. And at painstakingly investigation the reason of death is relic radiation of the universe and periodic activity of the Sun in its 11-year cycle. They do not permit to reproduce the same time from year to year on the Earth, and we die. But who is who in this fundamental reason? The answer is simple. The relic radiation is radiowaves, and the Sun brings us to our grave by orange rays of its spectrum. The radiowaves and the orange rays stop fluctuations of the scales of Life in Bioclock, blocking our liver, kidneys, colon, brain cortex, heart, bone marrow and bones, stomach, urinary bladder.

But... The orange rays and the radiowaves help us to remove the green screen of Death. So why do we die? What is the reason of our death?

The answer all the same: deficiency of hydrogen ions (protons) is the reason of human death and all alive on the Earth planet.

Yes, nobody can supress radiowaves of relic radiation of the universe, nobody can stop the movement and the rotation of the Sun, but nobody can forbid us to fill up the hydrogen deficiency and to close a spiral of time in a circle of time.


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