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7. Seasonal scheme of Biological clock of the Earth
8. Electromagnetic scheme of Biological clock of the Earth
9. Age scheme of Biological clock of the Earth
10. Chemical elements in Biological clock of the Earth
11. Other analogues of light in Biological clock of the Earth
12. Law of unity and struggle of opposites in Biological clock of the Earth
13. Biological clock of the Earth is oscillating system
14. Law of transformation of quantity to quality in Biological clock of the Earth
15. Time goes backward motion in Biological clock of the Earth
16. Light and function of the blood in Biological clock of the Earth
17. Duration of life according to Biological clock of the Earth
15. Time goes backward motion in Biological clock of the Earth

Moving in time alongside with the annual ecliptic, a man is born, grows, is sick, grows old and dies. Therefore I named the annual ecliptic as the ecliptic of Death.

The daily ecliptic has an opposite direction; therefore I named it as the ecliptic of Life.

Let's see, how do the ecliptic of Life and the ecliptic of Death work. For this purpose we shall remember an example from physics. Let's put an alcohol extract of chlorophyll (respiratory pigment of plants) in a tube. This extract is green, but we have only to make a sight check of the tube and the extract will be pink-red. It demonstrates that chlorophyll, reflecting green waves of white light, passes pink-red waves.

A molecule of chlorophyll has the same structure as a molecule of man`s red pigment - heme. The only difference is that heme contains an atom of iron and chlorophyll contains a magnesium atom. Both of them practically equally become old. Each of us can observe it by the example of tree leaves. At first the leave is green, then it becomes yellow, then red, reddish black and brown (oxidation and disintegration of chlorophyll). Heme is oxidying into a green biliverdin (unity and struggle of opposites between flora and fauna). The more hemoglobin is oxidized, the higher the biliverdin concentration and it means - brown and black colours of a pigment. But the laws of physics are the same for everything. And the black biliverdin is very similar to an absolutely black body, which absorbs all spectrum of an electromagnetic flow, not passing any ray through itself, completely getting the System of Biofilters out of hands of an electromagnetic flow and taking it out from a biorhythm. And this is Death. According the laws of physics, any protection pigment in the System of Biofilters acts similarly to the described experiment on chlorophyll. It reflects one kind of rays and let the uniform opposite rays come into the System of Biofilters.

Both pink heme and red hemoglobin will let pass their yellow - green (sector 4 of the daily ecliptic of Biological clock of the Earth) and dark blue-light blue (sector 5 of the daily ecliptic too) uniform light-blue opposites, as occurs.

And they rotate a wheel of time backward, slowing down the rate of our aging.

This conclusion applies to all pigments of a man in Bioclock.

For example, in sector 4 of Bioclock a pink hemoglobin (the molecule of hemoglobin is pink and the blood is red because of a high hemoglobin concentration) reflects pink rays, which are the main representatives of white light, but passes green rays into the system. During the growth of hydrogen deficiency in the system the accumulation of green biliverdin increases and green biliverdin completely blocks the passage of green rays into an organism. Pink rays, the conductors of pink potassium (a potassium burns with a pink flame in the colourless fire of a gas torch), freely enter a potassium in the cells of Biofilters, getting a hydrogen out of them and forming a green pigment, thus killing the System of Biofilters. I.e. the infringement of oscillation in the pair "pink rays - green rays" (potassium - iron) in favour of pink rays results in our Death. But such state of affairs has become possible due the lack of pink pigment in the system. If it was enough, the pink rays would not pass. Hence, every year there is a decrease of hemoglobin amount in the System of Biofilters. It is easy to prove. You see that red hemoglobin in sector 5 of Bioclock is in the unity and struggle of opposites with a light-blue pigment, water of sector 1. And water leaves the system in the course of life. But we know that the uniform contrasts do not exist one without another. Really, there is no top without a bottom, day without a night, death without a birth Hence, the decrease of a pink (red) pigment is connected to decrease of the volume of circulating blood in general and, including, in the scin capillaries - pacemaker of the System of Biofilters owing to the loss of water. But the circumstance that water is lost not only as a dissolvent for erythrocytes, but also as a generator of hydrogen ions is even more important! You see, only hydrogen ions are capable to restore a green biliverdin in an orange bilirubin and to free the way for green rays. Green rays are the conductors of their "stable analogue" -ion of iron - into a cell for the synthesis of hemoglobin. And the less green rays penetrate into the System of Biofilters, the less the synthesis of a pink (red) pigment in it and the weaker the protection against a pink ray of Death.

It has happened; pink rays of Life have exchanged their roles with green rays of Death. There is nothing surprising in it, this is the law of unity and struggle of contrasts.

As, besides pigments, the food is a receiver-carrier and generator of the appropriate spectral constituents of an electromagnetic flow and also an activator of blood filtration in the System of Biofilters, now it is clear its large role in the activity of the System of Biofilters. The selection of food should maximally promote the increase of blood hemoglobin.

About the role of nutrition in Biological clock of the Earth you will learn in one of the following chapters.


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