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17. Duration of life according to Biological clock of the Earth
17. Duration of life according to Biological clock of the Earth

According to Bioclock a cycle of human development represents the unity and struggle of two opposites - intrauterine and extrauterine periods. They are uniform in the cycle of development. They are opposite in the habitat, the presence of Light, the direction of time course and the unit of measurement of the scalar time of their duration. The intrauterine period is measured in days. Normally it is always the same and this is extremely important! It lasts for 280 days (10 lunar or 9 calendar months of pregnancy are not the units of time measurement, as the Sun once (the unit of measurement) passes the ecliptic completely only for one year or for one day).

The constancy of one uniform opposite sharply opposites with the surprising inconstancy of other uniform contrast. In fact, the normal intrauterine period is the same in everybody - 280 days, and the extrauterine period, which we call Life, is different: from 1 day up to 140 years.

But such things should not take place. According to the axioms of the law of unity and struggle of the opposites, the uniform opposites aspire to equality. Hence, one day of the intrauterine period corresponds to one year of the extrauterine period. The year and the day are commensurable, as they are the light repetitions of each other. Thus, the due duration of the extrauterine period (Life) should be 280 years and in no way less. It comes from the law of unity and struggle of the opposites and also from that fact, that the day and the year are the only electromagnetic time analogues of each other, as only they describe the ecliptic completely, differing one from another only in a scalar size. The hours, months, weeks and so on are not the electromagnetic time analogues.

But we do not live for so long. But, it is considered the documented fact that the Chinese doctor Lee lived 256 years (1677 - 1933 years).

In Europe the surgeon Politiman lived 140 years (1685 - 1825 years). And, " since the age of 25 years he had a daily habit to get drunk after his day time occupations". Better to say, he has been drinking for 115 years from start to finish. And I have specially made this quotation.

It is paradoxical, but is still the fact: nobody can define, what is a healthy life-style? It seems very simply. Do not drink vodka, do not smoke cigarettes, do not go mad on tea and coffee, be engaged in the physical training, be the friend of the Nature, be moderate in food and sex and you will live long and healthy life by all means.

For how long? Nobody knows. Here are other examples.

"Gascon, the butcher in Trie (high Pyrenees), died in 1767, 120 years old, has been getting drunk two times per week".

"The example of one Irish landowner Brown, lived up to 120 years is amazing. He bequeathed to make a gravestone inscription to him, that "he was always drunk and so awful in this condition, that the Death was afraid of him".

And now concerning coffee. "We shall remember the answer of Voltair to the doctor, which described him the harm of coffee, acting as the real poison."It is already 80 years, as I am poisoning with this poison" - has told him the great writer".

And another one example. "Savoyard Elisabeth Durian lived more than 114 years. Her main food was coffee, she drinked it up to 40 cups per day. She was of a facetious temper, ate well, she drinked black coffee in such amount daily, that the most ferocious arab would not keep up with her. A coffee pot was always on the fire, as a teapot at Englishmen".

And here is concerning tobacco "In 1897 in La-Carrier the old widow Lasennek of 104 years old died. "She lived only by handouts; she smoked a pipe since early years".

And so on and so forth. These examples are taken from the book of my outstanding compatriot, Nobel winner, Ilya Mechnikov "Etudes of optimism".

We see that the drunkers and smokers are not behind of the abstainers and the non-smokers in the longevity and sometimes surpass them.

Certainly, it does not mean at all that the longevity is hidden in a vine or in a tobacco. A statistics straightly says that the majority of cancer diseases were provoked by smoking. And a chronic alcoholism ruins a man completely. And if we count up how many drinking and smoking youth were dead, than the household narcotics - alcohol and tobacco - shall fairly be considered as poisons certainly.

The examples given above are only to show that the healthy life-style is practically unknown to a man. It turns out, that a smoker and a drinker have a chance, even if this chance is smaller than the abstainers' one, to live very long life. And it means, that the reason of the death is not named, that the process of dying, which is called the life by a mistake, is not investigated or is investigated but without the appropriate conclusions. Hence, the harmonious system of healthy longevity, which is called a healthy life-style, has not been created.

We die early. Why? The law of unity and struggle of the opposites prompts us that the opposites die in case of a destruction of one of them and an impossibility of another to create the uniform contrast again. If we determine, who dies first in our case, we shall find a key to a long life.

And it is simple to determine it. What do we have in the extrauterine period from the intrauterine one? We have a complete equality of Light and Darkness. We have lost the habitat - water - but taken it inside of us. It is the water of our organism as the representative of the intrauterine period in the extrauterine period.

What happens to the water of an organism during increasing the number of our Life years? And we have already spoken about it. The water leaves our organism!

Baby contains 86,8% of water from a body weight, growing child - 71%, young mature man - 61% and old man of 81 years old - 49,8%.

With the loss of water by our organism we lose the Life, which due duration is about 280 years.

There can be a question, is it rightful to compare the year of extrauterine period with the day of intrauterine period? Are not the day and the year too incommensurable?!

It is rightful! Because the intrauterine period day is such, that it has contained all evolution of Life on the Earth, beginning from the elementary unicellular organism (fertilized ovum) and finishing with the most highly organized multicellular organism, a human being, consecutively passing stages of fish, amphibian and monkey (Law of E. Haeckel). So the day of intrauterine period represents millions of evolution years.


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