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22. One more way to be saved or Regeneration. Cancer
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22. One more way to be saved or Regeneration. Cancer

I hope that you have understood the meaning of the neuroreflex block. It is directed to the man salvation. However, its result is a man "wrinkling", therefore the filtering ability of cells decreases, the numerous illnesses take place and the death comes at the end. And the spiral course of time of Earth Bioclock is guilty in this sad ending. Because of it we are not capable to restore the water, spent for the production of the vitally important hydrogen ion (proton). The overwhelming majority of illnesses, and I think, their absolute majority, is a life fee.

And nevertheless, in spite of anything, an organism tries to survive. An organism has the following cells property in reserve: the restoration after the damage or destruction. This process is called the regeneration of cells. Better to say, the regeneration is a production of a new cell instead of a cell lost by an organism. There is only one bad thing: it does not save us also. On the contrary, it generates one more group of diseases. Let's understand, why. During blood filtration the biofilters realize the Claude Bernard`s law of life that we have already spoke about. The law of life should be realized every second, every hour and always! It becomes more and more difficult to realize it because of the increase of neuroreflex block and sclerotic block following it. An organism becomes more slagging that aggravates a situation even more. The cellular mass gradually decreases. So it consists 47 % from a young man body weight and at an old man - only 36 %! However, according to the law of unity and struggle of opposites in parallel to the loss of cellular mass, the ability to its restoration, i.e. to its regeneration, increases also. And the higher the rate of man drying and of the decrease of his cellular mass, the higher the rate of regeneration. This process generates such pathological conditions of system, as an inflammation, hypertrophy, hypotrophy, cirrhosis-atrophy and cancer. Let's see, what, how, and why.

The regeneration is directed to the restoration of a cellular mass of an aged organism. But the cell regeneration needs a lot of time. It can not be made in one second. The cell should be born, grow and mature. Only then it will carry out a filtration function normally. It needs a lot of time. The liver cells, for example, need 14 days. And the Claude Bernard`s law of life should be realized every moment, and we have not got any 14 days in reserve. Whether there is such piece of human life in Bioclock, when a man has enough time for such high-grade maturing regeneration? Yes, there is such time in Bioclock. It is the period of growth of a human individual, when he was realizing the Claude Bernard`s law by growth. In the growth of all human cells the blocks of his biofilters became incapacitated. If we judge, the cellular membrane begins to be blocked practically from the time of the first inspiration of a newborn, but it grows at the same time! Therefore the blocks are imperceptible, though the amount of water in an organism decreases and the resistance of cellular membranes to the bloodflow increases gradually. It can be well determined by the increase of the blood pressure. It is 80/40 at a newborn, and at a fourteen-year-old boy it is already 120/80 mm Hg. At the same time the amount of water at a newborn is 86,8 % of body weight and 71 % at a growing man. But the blocks are made less evident by the growth of a cellular membrane itself. Therefore if there was any damage of a cell during the period of growth, than it has a lot of time for its high-grade restoration.

The fairness of a pathology absence at the realizing of the Claude Bernard`s law by the way of growth is well illustrated by the example of turtles life duration. They are supposed to live up to 300 years! It was specified, that the turtle grows during all its life. And when the growth stops, the accumulation of pathology, the incompatibility with life and then the death comes.

After ending of the period of growth, there isn't enough time chronically, and the older an organism, the less time it has for the regeneration. But the law of life should be realized every second. Hence, to realize the Claude Bernard`s law by the way of new regenerated membranes of cells, it is necessary to speed up the process of regeneration.

That is what an organism does. But what does it result in? According to the law of energy conservation and the law of unity of opposites, the only one cell can be regenerated from one lost cell.

The same happens with us in Bioclock of the Earth. During the period of growth one mature cell comes from one dead cell and the rate of such (normal!) regeneration will be 1:1, i.e. the only one new, normal cell is regenerated from one dead cell. It happens, when there is the time for regeneration. In the period of maturity, when the growth is already stopped, there is no such time. Therefore the rate of regeneration is higher, that helps to have a time to realize the Claude Bernard`s law with the help of new cellular membranes. But these cells are less mature, because they do not have enough time for maturing, as they had in the period of growth. The rate of regeneration in the period of maturity is 1:2. It corresponds to an inflammation in the clinical picture of the internal diseases. In the period of old age the time is even less and the rate of regeneration is 1:3. It corresponds to cirrhosis. At an organism entry into the level of the intrauterine period of Bioclock again the rate of regeneration is 1:4 that corresponds to cancer. Thus the cells grow very quickly, but these cells are the most unmature ones.

The cancer is such condition of regeneration, which is characterized by the rate of regeneration of not less than 1:4 and which comes when the filtering ability of not less than 80 % of cells of an organ filtering mass is reduced for not less than 50%.

The rate of regeneration 1:2 and 1:3 can take place with "minus" sign and with "plus" sign. The "minus" sign means that the similar regeneration will go with a loss of the cellular mass as a result of an atrophy, and the "plus" sign means, that the regeneration will take place with the increase of cellular mass, by the way of a hypertrophy.

Who starts a cancer in our organism? The answer is the same: the deficiency of a proton because of a spiral course of time. The immediate originator of the process beginning is the neuroreflex block. In the opinion of the marked Russian oncologist A. V. Chaklin, the cancer has one cardinal attribute. It is an excretion of carbon dioxide from an organism and, as a consequence, an accumulation of potassium and lactic acid in cancer cells. Annually the cancer is next after the cardiovascular diseases in the quantity of deaths. The scale of this illness and the difficulties in the struggle against it have made the cancer a problem of the century. But cancer arises not at once. And the time should take place for this disease to be performed. A lot of time! So, in the opinion of the Russian oncologist B. . Peterson, in most cases 6-8 years should pass for a pulmonary adenocarcinoma development with the diameter of up to 1 cm. Two years are necessary for the development of an undifferentiated pulmonary cancer with the diameter of up to 1 cm. The pulmonary squamous cell carcinoma with up to 1 cm in diameter develops during 5-6 years. The French Pier Denua thinks that in case of a breast cancer there are 8 years on the average from the first cancer cell originating up to the tumour of 2 cm in diameter. (From 2,5 up to 15,5 years). Kiever V. K. Vinnitskaya with the colleagues has shown that the transformation of pretumor diseases of a neck of uterus into the initial form of a cancer lasts for 12 years, but a cancer of the neck of uterus itself in its pre-clinical stage can lasts for five years. What do these digits tell us about? First of all that a cancer originates much earlier, than a tumour grows up, and that it is the illness of the whole organism and not of breast, uterus, stomach and so on only. There is one illness, but it has different places of manifestation. Therefore, even if a doctor-surgeon has completely, without remainder, removed a cancer manifestation as the initial focus in any organ, it is not a healing of an organism from cancer at all.

And any day now it will be back and be more malicious, more rigid. You see that a cancer is a proton deficiency! But nobody makes up this deficiency... It is ridiculous to think that during one month or even one year it is possible to get rid of a disease, which has been developing during a number of years. It contradicts to the law of energy conservation and to the law of unity and struggle of opposites.

A cancer reduces an average duration of a human life for 2 years and average life duration of the patients for the whole 15 years! Taking into account the above stated, the necessity of a cancer prophylaxis becomes the purpose number one for any man of sense. The prophylaxis of cancer was problematic prior to the discovery of Bioclock of the Earth. And only after the discovery of Bioclock such opportunity became real. The proton is capable to execute this task.

In Bioclock of the Earth a cancer is projected at the same point of the spiral of time with a conception that is the fusion of an oocyte and spermatozoon. And it does not happen by chance. A normal place of work of the cancer genes, oncogenes, in Bioclock is the period of an early embryogenesis. When all of us and each of us were in a maternal womb. In this period of an early embryogenesis it was necessary to increase the cellular mass at a high rate to generate the future man from it. We would not be born without the oncogenes. The oncogenes are present at every human cell. Therefore long ago we should admit a cancer as a noncontagious disease and each of us should bear in mind that anyone can have a cancer. And there are no immunities to a cancer cell. It is our own cell. And an organism is not going to kill it. Only the proton is capable to recover from the cancer and only it is capable to carry out its high-grade prophylaxis. A cancer in Bioclock is the kind of "fall back into place".

Taking into account the terms of malignant tumors formation the prophylaxis of a cancer by the proton in Bioclock is the most effective and reliable agent of struggle against it. The attempts to manage the malignant tumors with the help of the agents raising the immunity or agents killing a cancer cell will result in nothing.


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