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The teaching-diagnostic map ''Biological clock of the Earth''
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27. Formula for Longevity

"Two points laying on the same degree of one convolution of a spiral of Biological clock of the Earth and on the delta distance from each other H, Fe, K, Na, Ca, Co, Mg, Zn, S should be combined by the obligatory photosynthesis performance in the biorhythm of Bioclock and then 2H+ = O-2, and H2O = constanta".

Bioclock is a spiral made of several years. In fig. "The teaching-diagnostic map ''Biological clock of the Earth''" we have shown the only one convolution of a spiral. Actually it is a uniform endless spiral of time. But as all people have died till now, then the spiral of human life is not uniform, but fading and each its convolution after the termination of the period of growth, is narrower and narrower every year. Therefore, if we take two points laying on the same degree of Bioclock, but on two adjacent convolutions, then the distance between them in degrees will be zero. But the diameter of two adjacent convolutions will be different, and both points will be from each other on the delta distance, which is equal to the amount of spent hydrogen of water and burned minerals, listed above and playing the main role in the process of respiration, excitement, contraction, inhibition, fermentative processes of an organism. Delta is a pitch of the narrowing spiral. Our task is to transform two adjacent convolutions into a circle as a result of the photosynthesis of the respiratory enzymes. And the circle has neither beginning, nor end. According to the calculations, made by Bioclock, the minimal human life span is 280 years.

The Formula for Longevity is realized by the way of human adaptation to the Light. In another way, it means to realize the biorhythm of the photosynthesis!

To realize the biorhythm of the photosynthesis it is necessary to open the way for the Light. It is carried out by a proton, as we have already know.


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