Mystery of death Biological clock of the Earth Hydrogen life keeper Formula for Longevity


"It's easier to blow up an atomic nucleus
than to overcome one man's prejudice."

A. Einstein


"The cell itself is immortal.
The point is just the liquid medium (water)
the cell is in, and in which it degenerates.
Renew the medium periodically,
give the cell all it needs for its nutrition,
and the beat of life can last forever "

Dr Alex Karrel
/Nobel Prize winner who kept
a chicken heart cells alive for 34 years/


The teaching-diagnostic map ''Biological clock of the Earth''
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2. The paradoxical course of the Sun on the firmament
3. So who is in fault of our death?
4. What is a man?
5. Human being is an open oscillating System of Biofilters




1. Mystery of death

In 1998 I took out a patent for Biological clock of the Earth - the natural mechanism for man's life and death, discovered by me in 1992. And from that moment, the mystery of death was solved and this fact was officially certified.

If we exclude violent death, man has only one reason for so-called natural death. It is incorporated in Biological clock of the Earth. But all of us, each one of us, can eliminate it.

The man, having familiarized with Bioclock biorhythm can maintain the vital activity at the highest level of survivability on his own, gradually bringing the organism to the condition of absolute health. Thus a man does not grow old!

The reason of death  looks like that. It is known, that the atmosphere of the Earth has two optical windows, through which ultra-violet, infra-red, visible rays and radiowaves reach the surface of the Earth. The red and infra-red rays that carry heat to the Earth, equally light all of us. The red rays carry not only quantums of energy, but they are also bring oxygen to our organisms, that gives us an opportunity to breathe and to live. But if they completely penetrate our organism, we would have been burned down already. A man is faced to an electromagnetic flow (EMF) of the Sun by his skin. Its broad capillary net brings all the necessary protection pigments, the main of which is hemoglobin, to a place of "battle" with EMF. A red respiratory pigment - blood hemoglobin - in capillaries of the skin partially reflects red rays of Light as a mirror, and they can not burn us out. So not to be burned, the organism under the  exposure to red rays is compelled to synthesize red hemoglobin. Hemoglobin binds the oxygen of the air and distributes it with the blood flow among all parts of the organism, protecting us from this oxidizer-burner. Our blood takes the oxygen away from the air in lungs with the help of a pink respiratory pigment, a heme. The heme is included into the structure of the cell respiratory enzymes-cytochromes. And we breathe and live only because our organism can synthesize the respiratory heme.

The blood hemoglobin in the skin capillaries, partially reflecting the red rays and passing them inside an organism, absorbs the green rays which are the part of the white light of the Sun and passes them into an organism. The nature has made it so, because the central atom of the heme, which actually binds the oxygen, is the iron. The green rays convert the ferric iron ions (oxidized) in our body to a ferrous iron (reduced). The synthesis of the pigments with the help of the rays of light is called photosynthesis.

It is vitally important for us, because with the help of the reduced (divalent) ferrous iron we acquire the atmospheric oxygen, which we breath, both at a level of the integrated man and at a cell level.

The work with the oxygen has consequences for the pink heme. The oxygen is a strongest oxidizer and burns the pink heme into the green pigment, biliverdin, forming the green screen of an organism.

The screen is called green because it consists, mostly, of the green pigments: the verdohemoglobin and the biliverdin. The verdohemoglobin is the burned hemoglobin, and the biliverdin - the burned heme.

These pigments are mostly accumulated in the liver, the lien and the red bone marrow cells. The biliverdin can be accumulated in the connective tissue cells. And the connective tissue is the skin, the skeleton bones, the capsules and the stroma of internal. Being accumulated in the connective tissue cells, the green biliverdin forms the green screen of an organism and constitutes the main component of it, the green screen isolates the cells of the organs and the man as a whole from wholesome action of the green rays of light.

In high concentration the green biliverdin is called a black bile.

Let us remember, that great Avicenna named the black bile as the reason of cancer illness. The genius.

The green pigments are called the "screen" because they partially reflect the green rays, stopping them from passing inside our organism.

The rays represent the quantums of energy. And the quantums excite the electrons in atoms and impart  them the energy necessary for formation of  various connections in the biological substances. Better to say, the quantums of the light energy are necessary for the synthesis of a biological substance.

The synthesis of the heme requires the energy too. The iron which is included in the structure of the heme and so necessary for the oxygen assimilation, absorbs the violet and green rays of the white light. With the help of the dark blue and violet rays the iron is absorbed from the food in an organism, and with the help of the green rays  iron participates in the synthesis of the heme.

Therefore, the stronger green screen is expressed, the less green rays can penetrate into our body and reduce the oxidized iron, which is included in the structure of hemoglobin and cytochromes. And the oxidized iron can not attach the oxygen of the air and participate in synthesis of new molecules of the heme instead of burned down.

And the more the green screen of an organism is expressed, the smaller amount of the oxygen will be assimilated by an organism. The expressiveness of the green screen increases eventually in our life. It means, that as a man gets older the consumption of the oxygen by the cells falls and the oxygen deficiency of an organism - the hypoxia develops. The hypoxia increases in time.

And not by accident - an oxygen bag is given to a man, he is placed in the pressure chamber, and he dies all the same. He dies because he can not take the oxygen, when we are giving it to him. There is not enough of heme, there is not enough of respiratory enzymes.

There is a vicious exclusive circle: in order to live, it is necessary to breathe, i.e. to assimilate the oxygen, but the more we breathe, the less oxygen is assimilated by an organism. Eventually, there comes a situation, when a level of then oxygen starvation becomes incompatible to a life and a man dies. In this connection, I have named the green screen of an organism as the green screen of Death.

The life is a slow combustion of a man in the oxygen furnace of the Earth atmosphere.

But our organism is able to struggle with the green screen of Death. For this purpose the liver transforms the green biliverdin into the orange bilirubin and excretes it with the bile in the intestine, whence it is deduced from an organism as a part of the faeces.

To perform the process of taking out the green screen, we need the ions (protons) of hydrogen, with which help, the liver reduces the biliverdin into the bilirubin.

To transform one molecule of the green biliverdin into one molecule of the orange bilirubin, we need two protons of the hydrogen. An organism gets protons from the food, but mainly, from the cell water. An organism makes it by two ways.

The first way is to combine one molecule of the water and one molecule of a carbon dioxide and get one molecule of a carbonic acid. The molecule of the carbonic acid gives one proton to the needs of an organism, and the rest of it is deduced with the urine and the sweat. This way of the proton production is characteristic for a man during his intrauterine development - in a womb.

The second way is to get the protons by the way of the glucose oxidation. Twenty four protons for one molecule of the glucose are produced as a result of this reaction. Only twelve of these twenty four protons are produced directly from a molecule of the glucose, and others - from six molecules of the water. Such type of supplying of an organism with protons is characteristic for extrauterine period - period after birth, when the man begins to breathe with the atmospheric oxygen. This process is called the biological oxidation of substrata.

In other words, we breathe with the atmospheric oxygen to get vitally important protons.

Both ways of the protons production include the consumption of the cell water.

Look at what consumption of the cell water in a man results in.

The dynamics of the water consumption by an organism is the evidence of constant necessity of the hydrogen production by an organism. The newborn boy has 86,8 % of the water of the body weight, growing - 71 %, a young mature man - 61 % and an old man, eighty one years old - only 49,8 %. You can see from the given digits, that the water consumption is precisely corresponded to man`s age and reflects the process of his aging. The older the man is, the less water is in his organism and the less he will live.

The conclusion that we lose the life with the cell water loss, was made by the medical science long time ago, but it could not explain "what, how and why". We know that we need water for the proton production to take off the green screen of Death.

We spend water for life. The cell water consumption results in the corrugation of the cells of an organism, they cease to carry out the functions and die. It becomes apparent in the  aging of an organism, when the skin starts covering with the folds and the corrugated cells result in numerous illnesses, which are actually the numerous masks of one illness - the aging of the man The total organism dies together with the destruction of cells. There comes Death.

In the process of increase of the water deficiency, the deficiency of protons source, the organism begins to use as such sources various products of its own vital activity. It uses the lactic acid, the amino acids, hemoglobin and so on. All the named substances have one common thing: they can give a ion of hydrogen for struggle with the green screen of Death. Therefore they all can be named as the donors of hydrogen.

The use of the donors of hydrogen itself is a necessary way  to survival  (it is necessary to remove the green screen of Death), but it results in the broad spectrum of the diseases.

For example, cholelithiasis is the result of production of the hydrogen ions from the bilirubin and fatty acids with the help of the calcium ions. Urolithiasis is the result of production of the hydrogen ions from the oxalic, acetic and other acids and the calcium ions. Gout - result of the production of the hydrogen ions from the urinary acid and the sodium ions. And, the stones can be located in various organs: in the heart, the brain, the muscles and other, not just in the kidneys and in the liver.

The water loss of an organism for the proton production in the name of life is the only reason of human aging and illnesses.

As we lose the life with the water loss, it is quite clear, that the organism aspires to reduce water losses to save the life. For this purpose it suppresses with the help of the central nervous system the function of those organs, which as much as possible take water out from an organism. Trying to keep the water balance, thick intestine, which absorbes the drunk water, blocks various organs of a men way that take out much water as their own juice, by the neuroreflex s. From two up to two and a half litres of water is taken out from an organism every day. And if we did not compensate for these losses, our age would be rather short.  

Our trouble is that we can not completely compensate for these losses: the spiral course of time in Biological clock of the Earth prevents. The spiral of time is characteristic by the following: every subsequent annual coil does not repeat previous. It is connected to circuit movement of the Sun around the relic radiation of the universe, and the Earth, for this reason, has not circuit rotation but spiral (it will be told in the chapter "Biological clock of the Earth").

Our cells, for which the water is an internal medium and a habitat, at water deficiency became corrugated, lose the functions and die.

Connective tissue grows instead of the lost cell. This process is called a sclerosis. But before the connective tissue will take a place of the cell, the last will result in various diseases.

For example, the pancreas, i.e. the cells, which produce insulin and glucagon. When the cell membrane of these cells  begins corrugating, it will complicate the transport of the various substances (including insulin) through it. And if the connective tissue  begins to replace these cells, there will be a deficiency of this hormone, diabetes mellitus and so on.

Condensing of the cell membranes because of water losses makes the greater obstacle to a blood flow through the organs, that results in the blood pressure rising. The connective tissue gives the water also by itself to produce a proton, and that result in its growth and expansion and therefore in the activation of the sclerotic process.

The depression of function of the central nervous system organs is called the partial neuroreflex blockade of the organs. The growth of connective tissue organically fixes this blockade. By virtue of the water deficiency increase, the degree of neuroreflex and sclerotic blockade of the organs also increases. The organs carry out their functions worse and worse. It results in various diseases.

For example, at blockade the liver ceases to excrete bilirubin, cholesterin, fatty acids etc. normally as a part of bile. It results in  followings: an insomnia, a climacterium, psychosises right up to a schizophrenia, the vessels atherosclerosis progresses, the immunity reduces, there comes a fatty dystrophia of organs.

The blockade of a kidney does not allow an organism to be completely cleared of urinary acid, an ammonia, an urea, that results in a self-poisoning of an organism. The blockade of a colon results in a self-poisoning of an organism by such waste of its vital activity, from which the intestine would generate the faeces.

The list of the diseases can be continued. But we shall talk about them further. The main thing now is to  understand the principles of trouble increase in an organism and its reason - the deficiency of water and proton.

The sclerotic and neuroreflex blockade of  organs are directed to the conservation of water in an organism and to attempt the use of various products of its vital activity as the donors of hydrogen that ends in  adverse results.

The blockades increasing with time, result in external and internal attributes of  aging of an organism. So, our skin becoms wrinkled, to lose less sweat, and we become covered with "folds of old age", the kidneys, the lungs, the digestive tube become sclerosed.

All this results in a pain syndrome, constipations, diarrheas, secretory failure, decrease of energy carrier consumption.

Better to say, it leads to decrease and extinction of the vital activity of the human and his ending - to a death.

It is necessary to say the main thing in our biological life and death - the oxygen and the Sun bring a flow of electrons in our organism. This flow in an organism should be mated to the appropriate quantity of the protons.

When the water deficiency comes, because of the protons productions, the organism begins to use the substitute donors of the hydrogen and the metals ions that result in possible diseases and a death.

It would seem very simple to get rid of the illnesses and prolongate the life up to the impressive limits - to compensate the hydrogen deficiency of an organism in time, and you will live extremely long and without any illnesses.

But there are a lot of questions.

Is it so, that the hydrogen deficiency is the reason of the human death?

Why it is impossible to compensate the water-hydrogen deficiency by simple water drinking?

What to compensate the water-hydrogen deficiency with? What is the "Elixir of life and youth"?

In what age it is necessary to compensate the hydrogen deficiency? In the childhood, youth, maturity, old age?

When it is necessary to make it? In the spring or autumn, day or night?

What is the obliged life expectancy by the way? What should we be aspire to?

Biological clock of the Earth will answer these and other questions.

But before we shall get acquainted with Biological clocks, draw attention to a paradoxical course of the Sun on firmament; and we shall try to answer the questions:

Who is in fault of our death? And what it a man?


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