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2. The paradoxical course of the Sun on the firmament
3. So who is in fault of our death?
4. What is a man?
5. Human being is an open oscillating System of Biofilters

5. Human being is an open oscillating System of Biofilters

The change of seasons is observed in the Nature of the Earth, because the Earth axis is inclined and does not change its direction at orbital movement around the Sun. The inclination of the earth axis (angle of its inclination is 23,5 degrees) results in the following: the Sun, moving at the ecliptic, deviates on June 22 most further from the heavenly equator, which is parallel to the earth one, towards the North Pole of the Earth for 23,5. The longest day in a year comes in the northern hemisphere, and the Sun is above the heavenly equator for 23,5. But on December 22 the Sun deviates most further towards the South Pole for the same 23,5, i.e. below the heavenly equator for the same. Therefore the day in the northern hemisphere is the shortest one.

Hence, moving on the ecliptic, the Sun describes in relation to the Earth the sinusoid in a plane, which is perpendicular to the ecliptic plane. Or else, the Sun oscillates in this plane with the amplitude 23,5. But we know that any movements of the Sun on the ecliptic are reflections of the Earth movements. Hence the Earth should oscillate somehow. But where and how?

Having orbital moving around the Sun, our Earth makes fluctuations of its axis in relation of direction to the Sun. The illumination of the Earth also changes thereof: the solar rays cover at one moment the Northern hemisphere, at another the Southern hemisphere more.

Therefore everything on our planet, including a human being, gets under oscillating influence of the solar rays and becomes an oscillating system. The elementary light oscillating pair is the day and the night. The pacemaker of the biofilters system at a human being is a skin and fourth layer of the brain cortex cells, representing it. The skin make pace in the System of Biofilters, submitting to the change of an oscillating pair of spectral uniform opposites in an electromagnetic flow (EMF). Therefore a human being is the open oscillating system of biological filters. And every his biofilter in a filtration cycle deviates from the average value to the maximum or to the minimum of blood filtration.

The fluctuations in Bioclock take place between uniform-contrast sectors, each of which fluctuates around the axis in a plane of equator and is oscillated by appropriate electromagnetic pair from visible and invisible area of an electromagnetic flow.

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