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2. The paradoxical course of the Sun on the firmament
3. So who is in fault of our death?
4. What is a man?
5. Human being is an open oscillating System of Biofilters

4. What is a man?

A man in flesh is constructed form the cell, the simplest "functional brick". The cell has a membrane, which has selective permeability for various biological substances. In other words, the cell membrane as if it filtrates these substances: it passes some of them inside of the cell, taking out some of them and leaving some of them on the surface. Thus, the cell is the elementary biological filter.

But the cells of an organism differ in functions, carried out by them. For example, liver cells, the hepatocytes, carry out one function, the pancreatic cells, the pancreatocytes - another, the lungs cells pneumocytes - third and so on. However all of them have common way of functions performance: a biological filtration.

The cells which carry out the same function constitute the organs. For example, the hepatocytes constitute a liver, pancreatocytes - pancreas, pneumocytes - lungs and so on. And the organ consisting of elementary biological filters (cells) is the biological filter (biofilter) by itself. For example, biofilter liver, biofilter pancreas, biofilter lungs. Better to say, any organ is the biofilter.

The classical human anatomy confirms that each human organ is the biofilter. And it is true, that all organs are covered by capsule made of connective tissue. We shall illustrate it by an example of the biofilter "sexual gland".

1 - The case is made of connective tissue, which is a nonspecific filtering element at the same time; 2 - The specific filtering element (brings in the hormones); 3 - The artery (arteriole); 4 - The vein (venule); 5 - The arteriovenous shunt; 6 - The nerve; 7 - The nerve fibers; 8 - The lymphatic vessel, the drainage for biofilters; 9 - The sexual gland duct (deferent duct - in men, Fallopian tube - in women); 10 - The artery sphincter; 11 - The venous valve; 12 - The shunt sphincter; 13 - The lymphatic vessel (drainage) valve; 14 - The vessel (drainage) sphincter; 15 - The lymph is the universal slag of the biofilter; 16 - The own slag of the biofilter (sperm, oocyte); 17 - The organic blockade of the filtering element by the own slags of the biofilter; 18 - The organic blockade of the filtering element by the connective tissue by the way of its obstruction in exchange for hydrogen ions; 19 - The pressure inside the biofilter.

fig. 9

The specific for each biofilter cells are placed in this capsule and they form a filtering element or specific filter itself. The filtrating medium (the arterial blood) is coming to this biofilter by an artery. The filtered blood is taken out from the biofilter by a vein.

Alternating of the maximal (the drainages are closed) and minimal (the drainages are open) filtration of a blood in biofilters depends on  all spectrum of electromagnetic radiation of the Sun and the Earth effect on the man. In other words it depends on visible and invisible light. This alternating in Bioclock is called a biological rhythm of biological filters.

When the man is healthy, the biofilter cleans blood at a minimum, and at a maximum, that the basic law of life, which is called the basic law of homeostasis, is observed. What is the law?

The basic law of life was discovered the French physiologist Claude Bernard. He has formulated it so: "The constancy of internal medium of an organism is a condition of free and independent life... ".

Filtrating a blood, the biofilters clear it of slags, maintaining the constancy of blood composition for us to live. The slags of a blood are any substances in any physical condition which deflect the blood from the Claude Bernard law. Any biofilter keeps the Claude Bernard law in the same way: all that prevents the Bernard law implementation go to the biofilter from an artery, and all that helps the Bernard law of life implementation go from the biofilter to the vein and in general blood flow. Thus, the work of all biofilters together forms such blood composition, which enables us to live. Hence, the man is the system of biological filters.

The pacemaker of the System of Biofilters is a skin-biofilter. A skin has a large size of its circulatory capillary network, with which a skin is faced to Light. Therefore, the spectral constituents of Light, by means of the biological representatives in the blood, supervise over a blood filtration in the biofilters, with the help of hormones and by neuroreflex way through 4-th layer of the brain cortex cells, which represents a skin at the level of the brain cortex.

The inertia of time in the biofilter is carried out by a hormonal regulation. The immediate regulation is carried out by the brain cortex.

In 1990 I showed the structure of the System of Biological Filters- Man, organized by the law of unity and struggle of the opposites.

The sun supervises over the filtration in the System, but the accents of such filtration (intensifying - weakening of EMF influence) belong to the planets of the Solar system.

Representing graphically, we are the tetrahedron of biological filters (see fig. 10), rather eight tetrahedron, enclosed, as set of nesting dolls in each other. Each planet of Solar system, except Pluto has appropriate tetrahedron - set of nesting dolls in tetrahedron, on which it influences. It is easy to see, that the planet of youth - Mercury rules the biofilters of hydrogen donors removing and reducing hydrogen losses, gives long life to the earth children.

Tetrahedron of biological filters "Man"


Tetrahedron of biological filters

1 - the Sun, 2 - the Mercury, 3- the Venus, 4 - the Earth - does not have the own orbit, and is not shown on the figure, because all the planets, including the Sun, are projected on the Earth, 5 - the Mars, 6 - the Jupiter, 7 - the Saturn, 8 - the Uranium, 9 - the Neptune, 10 - the Pluto does not have the own biofilter, is not shown on the figure, 11 - the Moon - the Sun retransmitter.

fig. 10



A man, living in Nature and being formed by the law of unity and struggle of opposites into tetrahedron, on every “nesting doll” of which the one or another planet of the solar system exerts its influence, is exposed not only to the Light, but also to the other global factors of the Universe. Therefore, denoting the Light and naming the Moon as a retransmitter of the Sun, that is the recognized fact, we can also recollect its gravitational influence on a human being.

And inasmuch as everything is interconnected in Nature, than the ebbs and the flows of the great oceans, caused by the gravitational field of the Moon on the Earth, should have the analogies in a human organism, which is itself at the moment of its birth consists of 80% of water and even in the period of its maturity contains up to 61% of it.... Caused by the Moon “ebbs and flows” of the water of the cellular and extracellular sectors of an organism, including a vascular capacity, can both exacerbate and relieve the manifestations of a trouble in the biological filters.

For example, an excessive plethora of the brain blood vessels as the analogue of the flow can result in its edema-swelling and a convulsive syndrome, and at worst in a hemorrhage and a possible death. On the other hand, during an attack of a coronary heart disease, “angina pectoris”, an acute dehematizing of the coronary vessels, moreover amplified by “the ebb” of the Moon, for sure will result in a heart attack and threat with the same death. Etc. The surgeons know well, that it is much more difficult to stop the bleeding in a full moon, than during the usual days. The gravitational influence of the Moon on a human organism should not be underestimated.

Certainly, other planets also effect a man in different ways, including gravitation and many other things, which we do not know yet. But nevertheless all these aspects with all their gravity and importance are inferior to the role of the influence of the Light on our organism, because the Light, controlling a biophotosynthesis, determines the main thing in our life – to breathe or not to breathe!

The Sun (1) accentuates the following biofilters: skin (S), rectum (Rec), glomerular filter of a kidney (Kid), duodenal (Duo), lung (L), esophagus (Eso), digestive tube (DT), ileum (Ile). The Moon in night-time effects the same BF, acting as Sun retransmitter.

The Mercury (2) accentuates the following biofilters: colon (Col), gallbladder (GB), peritoneum (Perit), jejunum (Jej), tubular renal filter and urinary bladder (UB), stomach (Sto), pleura (Pl), larynx - trachea - bronchi (LTB), oral cavity (OC).

The Venus (3) accentuates the following biofilters: liver (Liv), parathyroid glands (PTG), thyroid gland (TG), insulin part of a pancreas (IPP).

The Earth (4) falls out of this row, it influences on all biofilters of the System.

The Mars (5) accentuates the following biofilters: muscles (M), fascia of muscles (FM), excretory part of a pancreas (EPP), bones (B).

The Jupiter (6) accentuates the following biofilters: uterus - prostate (U - Pr), lymph node (LN), lien (Lien), vessel (Vess).

The Saturn (7) accentuates the following biofilters: heart (Hrt), sexual gland (SG), thymus gland (Òhy), pericardium (Peric).

The Uranium (8) accentuates the following biofilters: medullar part of paranephros (MPP), reticular zone of paranephros cortex (RZPC), glomerular zone of paranephros cortex (GZPC).

The Neptune (9) accentuates the following biofilters: brain cortex (BC), hypothalamus (Ht), pituitary body (PB), epiphysis (E).

The Pluto do not have own tetrahedron. Probably, it influences on any deep structures of a brain, may be on nuclei of neural conductors switching.

The connection between the planets and the biofilters is determined by the fundamental universe law - law of unity and struggle of opposites.

So, the man is a System of Biological Filters. However, if we shall unite all capsules of all biofilters in one large capsule, and all arteries in one large artery, and all veins in one large vein and we shall show true drainages of the integrated man, than we shall receive one large biofilter, which is called "man".

The frame of such Biofilter is the connective tissue by way of bones of a skeleton and skin, fascias of muscles and stroma of organs.

Performing the maximal blood filtration, any biofilter will have a tendency to become obstructed with its own slags, in other words- to become blocked.

Performing the minimal blood filtration, any biofilter will have a tendency to become blocked by a connective tissue.

Both kinds of blockade concern to the category of organic blocks and do not allow the System of Biofilters to carry out the law of the homeostasis normally, that lead to the long chain of growth, maturing, escalating of pathology in the System of Biofilters-Man


The universal pathogenesis (disease development) diagram


The most potent, decisive blockade of Biofilters is an organic blockade by a connective tissue. The loss by the connective tissue of its Hydrogenium ions, which are the elixir of life for a human being, promotes the expansion and growth of this connective tissue. The illness is a mirror reflection of a "normal" annual blockade of the biofilter. But in contrast to the norm, when the biofilter, driven by the biorhythm, is deblocked and restores its filtering ability (though not to the full because of a spiral course of time), the biofilter is not deblocked at illness any more.

The connective tissue expands, loosing hydrogen and water. It blocks specific filtering elements of system, trying to decrease hydrogen losses of an organism that results in the impossibility of remission system of various slags, takes place age physiosclerosis of all organs and intoxication by metabolic products.

A man with the most general anatomy is the resemblance of four-layer sphere. Really, all our organs are surrounded with a skin, muscles under a skin and bones under muscles and internal can be reached only after bones. But the Earth and the Sun have the same structure. It is shown in the fig. 11. This is the unity of the Nature.


fig. 11

The skin of a man perceives all spectrum of visible and invisible radiation of the Sun and the Earth. It is richly supplied with capillaries (arterioles, venules, shunts), the blood slowly flows in them. And our blood completely repeats color scale of visible light. For example, the red hemoglobin of erythrocytes corresponds to red rays, orange unconjugated bilirubin - orange rays, fatty acids - yellow rays, green biliverdin - green rays, water of a blood - light-blue rays, carbonic acid of a blood - dark blue rays, blood proteins - violet rays.

The rays of light contact the man at the level of  skin, where they are reflected and absorbed by our blood. And the red rays are partially reflected and absorbed by red hemoglobin; the orange rays are reflected and absorbed by a bilirubin and so on. But this or that color ray in Bioclock supervises (by blood filtration) over that or another biofilter. And biorhythm by itself is given by alternating of the spectral constituents of the Sun light, given by rotation of the Earth around the Sun and its orbital movement. This alternating is perceived by the skin, as is described above. Therefore the skin is the guide of a filtration of a blood by human biofilters. In other words, skin is a pacemaker of a biofilters system "man". Its management is carried out by means of the fourth layer of cells of a brain cortex, which represents it in the central nervous system.

Taking into account, that the axis of the Earth has an inclination, i.e. deviates form a perpendicular to a plane of an orbit for 23.5°, than the Sun ray perpendicular to the Earth writes out a sinusoid on a surface of the Earth, covering at one moment Northern, at another Southern hemisphere more, that is appears in coming and alternating of seasons on a surface of the Earth. It results in turn in oscillating (sine wave) influence of the light on the man.

In other words, the man is not simply the system of biological filters, but it also is the oscillating system. And because we die, it is fading oscillating System of Biofilters. But if we shall remember, that the man is capable to bring missing thing from habitat to himself and to throw out to habitat  the superfluous, unnecessary from himself, the man can be characterized as the open fading oscillating system of biological filters.

The skin with the help of blood partially reflects and absorbs the visible and invisible light. But partially it passes the light in the organism. The light promotes saturation of the organism with electrons. Therefore, getting inside the organism, the light brings electrons to a man. Hence, a man can be presented as the spherical pulsating store of electrons.

All above stated is very important to understand the process of aging, and more precisely, of dying of a man, and the principles of struggle against death.

So, we have come to a conclusion, that the man is an open fading oscillating system of biological filters, it is the spherical biological filter - pulsating fading store of electrons having the same structure as the Earth and the Sun, generated in a man.


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