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16. Light and function of the blood in Biological clock of the Earth
17. Duration of life according to Biological clock of the Earth
16. Light and function of the blood in Biological clock of the Earth

The key to comprehension of the blood function in Bioclock is an antenatal period. A fetus during this period is protected from all spectrum of electromagnetic oscillation. Water and carbonic acid protect him from gamma- and x-rays, and a mother`s body protects him from everything else. Infra-red and red rays are represented by his mother`s heat and his own power only. And the continuous night of a maternal womb is all around. There is no light.

Light, both visible and invisible, has fallen on the newborn after birth. Inasmuch as a new habitat is alien for a newborn, his acclimatization to this habitat is directed on protection against all spectrum of electromagnetic oscillation.

So, a jaundice of the newborn reflects the orange and radiowave constituents of Light. A verdohemoglobin-biliverdin reflects green rays. Considerably increased amount of hemoglobin and erythrocytes, in comparison with the adults, are called upon to reflect red, infra-red and pink constituents of the Light spectrum. A change of a fetal hemoglobin (HbF), which weakly binds the oxygen representing red rays, into an adult hemoglobin (HbA), which has more tenacious connection with the oxygen and protects an organism, is over by the end of the first year of life. It is necessary to say, that hemoglobin, combined with the oxygen, is red - orange , and free from the oxygen hemoglobin is pink-red, protecting the organism from pink, red, infra-red, orange rays and radiowaves and helping in such activity to the red and orange bilirubin.

The blood carries various nutritious substances obtained from food. They contain water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and their derivatives, that protect an organism from all spectrum of electromagnetic oscillation. Colostrum, which a newborn receives in the first days of his life, is especially rich in proteins, and it is an excellent protection against the violet and ultra-violet rays. White maternal milk contains everything that is necessary for the protection against all spectrum of white Light.

On account of the above stated reasons, the main function of blood is to protect an organism from all spectrum of electromagnetic oscillation. And only afterwards, at the same time the blood carries out trophic, plastic, power and protective - immune and hemostatic (against bleedings at the damage) functions.

I was compelled to dwell on description of the blood protective function from Light because, as a rule, there are no mentions in the special literature on biology and physiology about it. Moreover, nobody has ever reflected on that being in pitch Darkness of a maternal womb a fetus deals with the oxygen, nitrogen, carbohydrates and proteins and with all things on the earth, which are in the air habitat, getting all this from his mother, but only after his birth he faces with Light for the first time! For this reason a stress of the newborn mostly consists in the acclimatization to Light, and everything else will be later, even the oxygen

It is follows from the above-stated, that the protective function is among the main functions of food. And the conductor of this function into an organism is Light! It is easy to understand by the example of children suffering from a rachitis. They have reduced assimilation of the calcium and the protein. They have only to receive ultra-violet and violet rays regularly, and the assimilation of the protein and the calcium (see sector 3 of Bioclock) will be raised. But the violet pigment - melanin, which reflects and absorbs this pair of rays but does not pass them in the blood, has only to appear in a skin, and the assimilation of the protein and the calcium in an organism will considerably reduce. It also concerns an iron and other chemical elements.

So, we can call the blood as the universal protector of human from all spectrum of the electromagnetic oscillation, and Light as the universal conductor of the various chemical elements into the blood, then, into an organism, and by the highest standarts, as the universal inducer-founder of the blood and everything else.

Moreover, human being is a photosynthetic system uniformly opposite to the plants. Not by any chance, the molecule of heme - a human respiratory pigment - has the same structure, as the molecule of chlorophyll - a plants` respiratory pigment. They differ only by a central atom in the molecule: it is magnesium at plants and iron at the human.

A simple experiment performed with the earthwarms, which breathe with the help of hemoglobin too, testifies the protective function of blood. The experiment was carried out with the purpose to answer the question, whether radiowaves influence the pathology development in an organism in connection with the broad use of radio telephones by people. The essence of experiment is that the earthwarms were exposed to radiowaves. The only change, which was revealed by the experimenters, was the deposit of an orange pigment in a warm skin. And we know (see sector 6 of Bioclock), that it must be so, because an orange pigment reflects both orange rays and radiowaves.

Taking into account that the quantums of the light energy excite electrons in the atoms and promote the creation of covalent connections between the atoms in the molecules, and then, the performance of a synthetic function, it is necessary to say once again, that Light is the primary factor in creation of the Nature of the Earth.

The blood carries out one more major function - an information function. The information comes from Space in sector 6 of Bioclock. The material carriers of the information are the radiowaves of relic radiation of the universe. The information is perceived and stored by the red and orange bilirubin, which carries it into the brain. The outstanding prophecies and great discoveries and the force of creativity come from here.

"That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not."



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