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19. Donors of hydrogen in Biological clock of the Earth

We do not live without the hydrogen. The main suppliers of protons in an organism are water and glucose. But the amount of water in an organism reduces constantly. So, the other donors of protons come to help the water. They are the acids.

Sector 1. Donors - water and carbonic acid. Water is the weak donor of hydrogen, but it makes a weak carbonic acid, which is the strong donor of protons.

Sector 2. Carbonic acid. The best donor of protons in the organism. First of all, it always gives the proton. Secondly, it makes it gratuitously, that is mean, requires nothing in return for the proton.

Sector 3. Amino acids.

Sector 4. Lactic acid. It can give the proton by itself and to be synthesized in glucose, which will give a carbonic acid together with water.

Sector 5. Red bilirubin, haemoglobin acid.

Sector 6. Orange bilirubin, cholic acids and other organic acids.

Sector 7. Fatty acids and other organic acids.

The disadvantage of use of own organic acids is the fact that they require the calcium ion or sodium ion in exchange for the proton, that is fraught with development of diseases. For example, bilirubin and cholic and fatty acids, giving the proton and taking away the calcium, form the stones of gallbladder and hepatic ducts, calcium bilirubinates, osteoporosis and other diseases; the urinary acid with the sodium lead to a gout. And so on.

The american doctor Gerson did not know Bioclock - I discovered them only in 1992 - but he was the observant person and has come to a conclusion that "the poisoning by own faeces is the reason of 99,99% of all cases of cancer". This statement is true to a certain extent.

Sector 8. Verdohemoglobin-biliverdin acts more as the donor of iron, than as the donor of hydrogen. This is the tragedy. The iron acts as an antioxidant by the way of electrons, and can not participate in the heme synthesis that leads to the hypoxia and death. We have already told about it, but it is necessary to say about it constantly. Let`s remember that the iron is the basic component of steel and let`s take a look at the colors of its heat for simple and evident understanding of the oxygen effect on the iron.

Cerise (purple, sector 4 of Bioclock) - 800 degrees of Celsius, ruby (sector 5 of Bioclock) - 900 degrees, sandy (orange, sector 6 of Bioclock) - 950 degrees, yellow (sector 7 of Bioclock) - 1000 degrees and the white heat will not be reached. (White heat is at 1300 degrees!). The free radical oxidation in old age burns us up to the sector 8. The green verdohemoglobin - biliverdin are there. In high concentration they have a black color of burned wood or superfine soot. By the way, a Meconium, the faeces of the newborn, is black. But if we smear it over the white swaddling band, it will have the true dark green color. The newborn throws out his "soot". He has a lot of water, in other words, the proton, and the biliverdin- verdohemoglobin is not so harmful for him.

So we shall remind you once again, that we are burnt down in the oxygen furnace of the earth atmosphere. And you see that any fires are extinguished by water all the time In our case the oxygen is extinguished by the proton.

Wirthenstein in 1911 proved the leading role of the hydrogen ions in the human respiration.


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