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23. Deficiency of hydrogen: signs and illnesses
24. Hydrogen - carrier of life
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26. Experiments with mice by Doctor Kostenko
24. Hydrogen – carrier of life

In the previous chapters we have told about those troubles, which we can get into in case of proton deficiency. At the end, all of us die because of the hydrog en deficiency. Hence, in our struggle against aging, illnesses and death for a healthy longevity we should lean on a proton. And we have all bases for this purpose:

1. In 1911 the researcher Wirthenstein specified that the hydrogen ions (protons) carry out a regulation of the respiratory center in the brain of warm-blooded animals. Better to say the protons decide to breathe or not to breathe. And it is absolutely logical, because we constantly breathe by the atmospheric oxygen, which is the strongest oxidizer and would burn us out, if we had not the appropriate neutralization. Hence, we are just obliged to have such element, which would not allow the oxygen to burn us out. Such element is the proton.

2. For not less than three decades the scientists of the entire world have studied the tortious act of so-called free radicals on a human organism. The free radicals are the molecules or their parts, which have one unpaired electron on the external atomic orbit. In search of another electron they show the considerable aggression, destructing the cellular membranes and threatening to damage even a cell nucleus with its hereditary material. The strongest are the hydroxyl (OH) and oxygen (O) radicals. The scientists accuse the free radicals of cancer, heart ischemic disease, sclerosis, diseases of a liver, hypertension and other diseases. There is a free radical theory of aging. It is considered that approximately 2% of the inhaled atmospheric oxygen goes to free radicals production.

So we can say that the atmospheric oxygen respiration is the cause of our death. So, the antioxidants are the agents against aging and illnesses. But all the antioxidants can carry out their antioxidant function only if they have one hydrogen atom weakly connected to a carbon atom, owing to that it can be easily given back to struggle against a free radical. Not having the electrons at all, the proton connects to a free radical and "neutralizes" it. In short, a common denominator of all antioxidants and the most important antioxidant is the proton of hydrogen.

3. For the normal functioning each cell of an organism should produce an energy and use it. The adenosine triphosphoric acid (ATP) should be the main energy substratum. There are no cells that work without ATP. ATP also carries out the regulator function. ATP is an initial raw material for the synthesis of nucleic acids, which are the constructing material for the chromosomal hereditary apparatus of cell. And if there is no ATP, so there is no energy, regulation and heredity. A cell synthesizes ATP in the special formations, mitochondrions. The mitochondrions carry out this function only if there are the protons of hydrogen on their membranes. No protons - no ATP! The synthesis of ATP under the influence of hydrogen was proved by P. Mitchell, who developed the appropriate chemiosmotic theory in 1961-66 years and received the Nobel Prize in 1978.

4. The majority of human diseases are accompanied with the acidation of an organism (acidosis). There is no recovery without acidosis. An acidation is carried out by the proton. No proton - no acidation, no recovery also.

5. In the opinion if the outstanding French researcher A. Polikar, the value of a cellular surface acidity is nearly 5,0. This is very significant acidation! And the cellular surface is a cell membrane, which is the simplest biological filter, and the normal functioning of the whole biofilter-organ and a man as a whole depends on it. And the normal functioning of cellular membrane is possible at its acidation up to 5,0. And the acidation is performed by the protons of hydrogen.

6. A man loses water of an organism with age, becomes wrinkled and dies. Russian botanist and biochemist V. Palladin has shown where does water go. It appears, it oxidates the glucose. Six molecules of water are spent for one molecule of glucose. 24 protons are produced during this process. Therefore we choose the proton in order not to lose water, not to grow old, not to be sick and not to die!

7. In the presence of protons an organism synthesizes a carbonic acid - the best antioxidant!

8. The doctor - surgeon Petrakovich G.N. has published the sensational materials about the proton of hydrogen. In brief the essence of G.N.Petrakovich`s hypothesis is in the following: In cells a cold nuclear fusion takes place, as a result of which a cell is capable to create any substance from the periodic table and to neutralize any harmful substances. A key figure of the nuclear fusion and cell bioenergetics is the proton! Thus the cell mitochondrions are the accelerators of protons and they can be compared to the synchrophasotron. As a whole, a man is capable to focus the energy of protons into the potent beam, thus demonstrating the tremendous phenomena: lifting and moving of extreme weights, walking barefoot on the live coals, levitation, teleportation, telekinesis and many others.

Moreover, the potent flows of protons, which have generated the holograms about each of us, are taken out into the noosphere, becoming the basis of an energetic-informational field of the Earth.

9. In 1992 the author of this book discovered Biological clock of the Earth, the natural mechanism, according to which each of us lives and dies. Now it it clear, that according to Bioclock of the Earth, the proton is necessary to an organism to remove the green screen of Death.

10. Compensation of the hydrogen losses leads to our life spiral transforming into a circle. And the circle does not have the beginning and the end. And it means that such concept as a death does not exist any more.

11. Compensation of the hydrogen losses takes out the neuroreflex block and sclerotic block from the organs - biofilters and the illnesses go away.

12. Conservation of the light-blue pigment of blood, water and the synthesis of the dark blue pigment of blood, carbonic acid, at the hydrogen losses compensation results in the decrease of yellow pigment (fatty acids - old age), orange pigment (bilirubin - climacterium), and it means that the rejuvenascence of an organism takes place. Therefore, we choose a proton to stay young!

We shall list only the main effects made by the hydrogen in our organism.

1. Hydrogen does not allow oxygen to burn out the System of Biofilters in the air habitat, reducing the oxygen into the neutral water - the light-blue pigment of a man protection from the radiation and x-rays and the source of a carbonic acid for an organism.

2. Hydrogen allows all the derivatives of the hemoglobin - the pigments of protection from an electromagnetic flow of the Sun - to accumulate neither in the specific cells of the system, nor in the connective tissue. But it means, that hydrogen allows blocking the system biofilters neither by the neuroreflex way, nor by the organic way. Hence, a whole pathological chain, which is taken into account after the pubescence, will not be present. Bioclock will stop its rate.

3. Hydrogen reduces two aggressive free radicals, oxygen (O) and hydroxyl (OH) in the neutral water.

4. Hydrogen, being the main representative of the intrauterine period, its water habitat (sector 1 of Bioclock), is in the unity and struggle of opposites with all representatives of the air habitat. And it means, that it does not allow to accumulate any representative of this medium, that leads to cleanliness and order in our organism.

5. Taking into account, that the time of hydrogen is a time of the intrauterine period, during which a man has passed the whole way of life evolution on the Earth, since a cell (fertilized ovum) and up to a man (E. Haeckel's law), it is necessary to recognize, that hydrogen is the CARRIER OF MEMORY OF ALL LIFE ON THE EARTH.


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