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26. Experiments with mice by Doctor Kostenko
26. Experiments with mice by Doctor Kostenko

There is another one example, when the scientists get the surprising results experimentally, but can not explain them because of the absence of theory.

Recently in the Internet the report on the researches of Russian Doctor Kostenko has appeared. Kostenko believes, that the accumulation of "a mineral of death" - hydroxyapatite Ca5(PO4)3 OH+ by an organism underlies the aging. This mineral is formed during the vital activity of an organism just as a deposit in a teapot. Apatite is the main inorganic constituent of the vascular walls deposits, the basic component of the firm formations in a human body.

In Kostenko`s opinion, the chronic diseases of an organism bringing it to death, are caused by the attempt of an organism to wash "the mineral of death" away from it. In the neutral medium an apatite is practically insoluble, and an organism has to fight with it with the help of autoacidation, which can be achieved with the help of the illnesses. "The cancerous growth produces a lactic acid. In case of the immunity defects the destruction of an apatite is promoted by the products of the tissues disintegration. And so on, and so forth. The unpleasant indemnification comes from there, as: the less amount of cholesterol in the blood, the helthier the heart - the higher the risk of cancer, and vice versa. It means, that, if, for example, the victory over a cancer is gained, the average life duration will not increase - the place of cancer will be occupied by other illnesses."

Kostenko have broken the deadlock by the artificial acidation of an organism (for example, with the help of carbon dioxide), referring to the experiments of the physiologist Golodov I.I., doctor Bouteiko K.P. and to the experiments, which have been carried out by him together with other researchers.

" I was periodically making the acid washing of the mice of the age more than one year in the medium enriched with CO2. The condition of their eyes, hair has improved, they have got the obvious, proved by the analysis, improvement of the DNA condition in comparison with the control group, i.e. the quantity of defects accumulating with age have decreased. The gain of average life duration was 131 percents, and four mice are in a good health for the fifth year, that corresponds to 220 human years approximately."

Kostenko also make the experiments on himself, asserting that he has recovered from the chronic illnesses, looks younger and has improved his physical parameters etc.

So, how can the surprising results of Doctor Kostenko be explained?

Nothing surprising. Everithing is simple. The acidation of living organism with CO2 promotes the carbonic acid production by an organism. And we have already known that a carbonic acid is the best donor of the hydrogen protons in an organism. Therefore, blood acidation by a carbon dioxide results in the filling up of the hydrogen deficiency of an organism. And in the prolongation of life!


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