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21. Neuroreflex block
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21. Neuroreflex block

The neuroreflex block occupies the most important place in man's Life and Death.

We have already told how the organism struggles for its Life. There are many ways for this purpose in a man. A trouble is that all of them are connected to the diseases. And as the reason of the reasons is a charge of water, it would be strange to assume, that an organism has not provided the protection against water losses as the main mean of struggle for its life.

And it has provided it. If you have forgotten try to remember, how we fill the water deficiency. We simply drink water. Where is water absorbed? One might say that it is absorbed in an intestine. But the fats, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals are absorbed there too. And each part of an intestine is in charge of absorption of each such component of food.

A colon is in charge of water absorption.

From 9 up to 10 litres of water comes daily into a digestive tract lumen with own juices - slags. And if this amount of water was not absorbed back, the Death would come very quickly. For example, at a pathological block of a colon by comma bacillus the death from the water-mineral deficiency comes very quickly.

In the near past cholera epidemics have taken the large number of lifes.

Normally an intestine gives back to the habitat 200 ml of water only as a part of faeces.

A colon by this function is in the unity and struggle of the opposites with all other biofilters of the system and this struggle is more expressed between it and all those biofilters, which remove water from an organism.

What kind of biofilters are they?

First of all there are the biofilters of irrevocable losses of water by an organism. It is the kidney - 1,5 litres of water per day as a part of urine, skin - 0,6 litres of water per day as a part of sweat, lungs - 0,42 litres of water per day as a part of carbonic acid of exhaled air.

Therefore a colon blocks these biofilters first of all by neuroreflex way, through its representation in a brain cortex.

The biofilters of replacable losses are the second. These are the salivary glands - 1,5 litres of a saliva per day, stomach - from 1,5 up to 2,5 litres of a gastric juice per day, small intestine - 2 litres of juice per day, pancreas - from 0,6 up to 2 litres of juice per day, liver - from 0,8 up to 1 litres of bile per day. All of this is poured out in a digestive tract and water is absorbed back in a colon. But

All these biofilters in relation to a colon can be only conditionally called as the biofilters of returnable water losses. In relation to the cellular sector of an organism they are the same irrevocable losses, as well as which we told about earlier. Therefore a colon blocks these biofilters also. And, if to speak particularly, the block goes on a digestive tract bottom-up, consecutively from a colon itself: an ileum, jejunum with duodenum and esophagus with oral cavity.

This block is not traceless for a colon, because blocking other biofilters of the system, a colon is blocked by these biofilters itself!

And it is fair, because the biofilters can not remove more water from an organism, than a colon can bring into an organism, because the death from the water deficiency (deaquation) will come. The opposite is fair too: a colon can not bring into an organism more water, than other biofilters can remove, otherwise the Death from the water excess (water intoxication) will come.

What is the colon guided by while realizing such block? Whether by water amount in an organism only?

The rate and degree of organs' block by a colon depends on the degree of antioxidants' deficiency in an organism and, first of all, on the degree of hydrogen ions` deficiency. Therefore an organism is so sensitive to the hydrogen deficiency, and the degree of regulation of hydrogen proton concentration in the blood is one hundred times higher, than the regulation of concentration of potassium and sodium ions, ensuring such important function as an excitability of cellular membranes.

And when a newborn come into the world with the major antioxidants' deficiency by virtue of various troubles of the intrauterine period, the instant neuroreflex block from the direction of a colon will shorten his life really fast. This block will provoke any pathology, up to the development of cancer, which has its "normal" last place before Death (sector 8 of Bioclock) in a pathological chain of human sufferings. In other words, it is not necessary for a newborn to live till the clinical presentations of cancer at 70 or 80 years old. It came in the first months and years of life (leukoses, lymphogranulomatoses, tumours and other such troubles in children are from here).

The neuroreflex block from the direction of a colon is always first among the blocks of biological filters, and the sclerotic block, which fixes an arisen state of affairs in an organism, follows it.

Certainly, even the blocking and blocked colon reserves some threshold of the blood filtration by its blocking-blocked sites, but the quality of such filtration meet the law of life by Claude Bernard badly.

At a very high degree of interface between the biofilters during aging process, the given block has not many clinical presentations and is never determined by objective instrumental methods of man examination. But such state of affairs is rare and, usually, at long-livers.

More often the clinical attributes of the given block are meteorism, sense of a stomach overfill at insignificant volume of eaten food, weariness, sleepiness, objectionable odor from a mouth, shoulders pain, spastic colitis with a typical "sheep" faeces, transient constipation, stabbing insignificant erratic pains in abdominal cavity.

The block of rectum corresponds to the sector of a man maturity of Bioclock (sector 5 of Bioclock), the block of a part of a small intestine - an ileum - corresponds to an old age (sector 7 of Bioclock), the block of other part of a small intestine means the Death with a reflex cardiac arrest by the way of a reflex from jejunum (sector 8 of Bioclock).

The neuroreflex and sclerotic blocks in the process of their increasing change a course of Bioclock in a man to the opposite one. It is an organism attempt to slow down the rate of its approach to Death.

The blocks and high blood acidity related to them are characteristic and maximally developed in sector 7 (old age) of Bioclock. The total free-radical oxidation of cellular membranes takes place here. And the maximal burning of a human organism is here too (remember the yellow color of a steel heat - 1000C!!!).

But what is it from the point of view of compensatory functions of an organism?

An old age is a period of organism reduction, but it is carried out by surrogate donors of the hydrogen with long molecular chains.

Biological clock of the Earth in a man is divided by Scale of Life into two halves: the sectors 3, 4, 5 and, partially, 2 and 6 - the time of oxidation, and the sectors 7, 8, 1 and, partially, 2 and 6 - the time of reduction.

A man is a photosynthetic reductive-oxidative cyclically oscillating fading open system of biological filters, in which the oxidation is one jump ahead the reduction, that leads to death.

Any illness and reduction have a common phase: the blood become acid - an acidosis, without which the reduction is impossible. Therefore the acidosis is the main medical remedy against everything, prompted by the Nature. But the acidosis should be made by a carbonic acid only!

Let's take a look at the specific filtering element, which is blocked by four blocks. Two of them are the filtering functional blocks: biochemical and alimentary blocks and two others are the pathological blocking blocks: neuroreflex and sclerotic ones. As two pathological blocks increase in time constantly, reducing the filtering area of cellular membranes, they supersede gradually two filtering blocks, forcing them to struggle with each other for the passage of the filtering area of cellular membranes, which stays free from the block. And the victory in a competitive struggle between two filtering blocks depends on the degree of their competitiveness, and the latter depends on the quantity and form of competitor's molecules. And that is what takes place by the example of a liver.

In the morning (sector 6 of Bioclock) physiological biorhythmic rising of glucocorticoid and sexual hormones takes place in an organism. They are excreted by the glucuronic system of a liver, which excretes bilirubin also. But the proteins and carbohydrates go through a liver also. They need a glucuronic acid too. But the hormones reach the filtering element in a biorhythm earlier, because a man is still sleeping, and the glucocorticoid hormones have already got their maximum in the blood. The sexual hormones are in a hurry to help them. Blocking the filtering element, they leave bilirubin and fatty acids in the blood, which being the hydrogen donors acidate the blood. The moderately expressed acidosis suppresses hunger, as it is enough of the hydrogen ions even without food (glucose, amino acids) for the performance of all described functions. Such man does not have a breakfast in the morning, because he does not have an appetite. If the acidosis is more severe, there comes a mild transient nausea. If the acidosis is highly expressed, the nausea is accompanied by the acidotic vomiting.

In the evening (sector 2 of Bioclock) everything is vice versa. The blood has the minimal amount of sexual and glucocorticoid hormones, releasing the filtering element for food. A man, losing his functional acidosis, is hungry and eats. And what is more of that, he eats a lot of food (because an evening is the moment of birth in Bioclock, when the newborn meal 8-10 times per one day, and with the help of food he receive the additional acclimatization to the habitat)! And certainly, he goes to sleep, as the newborn does.

We do not need the food at night, because the white Light is absent, and we need water for gamma-rays That is why, the food is not consumed, but is saved in an organism as fats, forming an obesity of an organism (sector 7 of Bioclock) and accelerating the process of its aging.

That is the nature of stopping of the procreation function at women and the decrease of the sexual function with age at men. The neuroreflex block, leaving bilirubin and so on in the blood, reduces the necessary amount of sexual hormones, excluding them from the competitive struggle for the filtering element (for the glucuronic acid) with the known consequences.

However, when the alimentary filtering block yields in the competitive struggle to the sexual hormones, an illusory sensation of sexual attraction intensifying appears at mature people. The scandals, divorces and leaving to younger partners take place in families owing to it... And this is a great mistake, because no "second youth" does not take place and could not take place. On the contrary, an organism has grown old even more.

Blocking everything and, accordingly, being blocked itself, a colon constantly reduces its useful filtering area, on which the microorganisms of so-called normal intestine autoflora live. The reduction of the filtering area of a colon results in the change of autoflora composition - dysbacteriosis.

If the dysbacteriosis is prolonged in time - and usually it happens so - from birth up to death, we shall speak about an age dysbacteriosis. It is not considered as an illness, because the slow development of the dysbacteriosis promotes the adaptation of a man to it and there is no infringement of the Claude Bernard`s law of life.

If the dysbacteriosis changes considerably the bacterial composition of autoflora per time unit, than there comes an infringement of the Claude Bernard`s law of life accompanied with the development of the appropriate clinical finding and then we shall speak about the dysbacteriosis as an illnesses.

It is important to understand, that the dysbacteriosis exists always. It is just as fair, as that the process, which we call Life, is actually a slow Death.

So, the neuroreflex block is a pivotal block of the blood filtration during aging, illnesses and death. We have already known that the aging depends on the water loss by an organism. And the higher the speed of water losses, the higher the speed of aging.

It seems, like if drink enough then you will acquire everything. Alas, the spiral course of time in Bioclock does not allow to compensate these losses completely. That is why the organs-suppliers block those organs, which spend this water, to save the life, i.e. to save the water of an organism. And our organism is not just a sum of single organs, but the system of the interconnected biofilters, so the block is applied to all organs without any exception. First of all, a rectum and colon block the skin, kidneys, lungs and digestive truct.

The organs - embezzlers of water return the favor and mutually block a colon.

That is how the law of unity and struggle of the opposites is carried out: it is impossible to excrete more, than it was brought in and it is impossible to bring in more, than it was removed. In fact if you enter more, than you remove, there will be the death from a water poisoning. If you remove more, than you enter, there will be the death from a deaquation. Therefore at any moment of our life the mutual block of organs of water introduction and water excretion is always optimal, ensuring the absence of two extremes: water poisoning and deaquation.

The mutual block increases in time. It happens due to a spiral course of time in Bioclock of the Earth, when each subsequent annual convolution is not a repetition of the previous one. Therefore an organism is not capable to fill its water reserves by simple water consumption. All water can not be absorbed all the same. The neuroreflex block reduces the function of biofilters. The slags are collected in the blood: excess bilirubin, excess biliverdin, excess fatty acids, excess urinary acid and many others. And, in case of increase of useful substance amount owing to the filtration block it turns from useful substance into harmful one. So that how the law of unity of opposites is carried out: one contrast (advantage) generates another contrast (harm).

For example, a cholesterol. A cholesterol is an initial material for the construction of some hormones and for the cellular synthesis. It is a useful substance. But in case of the liver block which excretes the cholesterol from an organism as a part of bile, the cholesterol is deposited in all organs and tissues. And, in particular, such deposition takes place on the vascular walls, playing an important role in the atherosclerosis, and on the cellular membrane itself, increasing its block.

We can give hundreds of such examples. But above all for us is to understand a principle of it. The neuroreflex block of organs is developed as the protective reaction of an organism aspiring to keep water for the hydrogen ions (protons) production, in order to live. The neuroreflex block from one organ to another is made by the central nervous system. But it can not stay on its own for a long time because of the risk of the failure (owing to an overexcitement of the nervous system).

In order to eliminate it, the connective tissue, which is a structure-skeleton of any biofilter, extends and expands, that results in the neuroreflex block fixation by the way of the connective tissue, better to say, to the development and acceleration of the sclerosis. The dehydrated specific cells of biofilters` filtering elements die, and the connective tissue takes their place. That is the essence of the sclerosis. We should remember that the neuroreflex block is on the first place in the development of aging and illnesses and it is closely followed by the sclerotic block. But all of this is a result of the hydrogen deficiency.

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