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26. Experiments with mice by Doctor Kostenko
20. Old age. Vector of aging.

An old age is the many-sided illness, which frequently has a latent course and is caused by the hydrogen deficiency. It has a reference point in Biological clock of the Earth in sector 4. A man requires everyday and annual treatment for old age in connection with a spiral course of time. There is only one medicine or preventive remedy - the saturation of an organism with the proton.

We should and we can to struggle with the old age by two ways: unblocking of all biofilters with the help of the proton and elimination of fats from the system.

The attempts to deceive the time with the help of vegetative panaceas are doomed to failure. Ginseng, Eleuterococc, Schizandra and so on - are the stimulators of that, what is still remained functional in an organism. They do not introduce anything new and they do not liquidate the hydrogen deficiency. We can make doubtful pills with the promising reference to the "gold" Old Tibetan prescriptions, as it is made by the group of healers, but the Death does not read the Tibetan treatises and handles equally well with the healers and with their patients. And it never forgets to take the Tibetan monks with it.

The biological science data testify that the aging begins from a skin and is directed from the outside to the inside. The skin is the pacemaker of the System of Biofilters and by its aging reflects not only its own water and cellular losses, but also the losses of all other biofilters. The superficial skin cells, which come into contact with all factors of the human habitat, renew constantly: one of them die - the others come. The process of cell restoration is called regeneration. The term of liver cells regeneration is 14 days, the term of regeneration of the central nervous system cells is one year. Besides the skin all biofilters connected to the habitat restore quickly. These biofiters are a digestive canal, lungs and kidneys. But exactly these biofilters have the biggest losses during the aging also. And if the digestive canal has the contact with the Earth derivatives (foodstuff and water), the lungs - with the gas structure of the Earth, the kidney - with the water of the Earth passing through a man, the skin has the contact with all Earth factors.

The rate of cell recovery (but not a quality!) depends on an intensive action of destroying factor, to which the cell resists, and is equal to the rate of its dying (aging). The skin grows old faster than everything else. During the aging process a man develops the sclerosis of all organs and as a result of it the decrease of the blood flow. The decrease of the cerebral blood flow is minimal! It is reduced only for 8%. At the same time, i.e. at 70 - 80 years old, the decrease of the blood flow in lungs, which contact to the habitat in contrast to the brain, is reduced for 40%! And though the millions of brain cells die, but who has counted, how many billions of the skin cells die?!

In a spherical drop of water the surface tension forces are directed centrally, therefore in the normal conditions water does not spread over a surface. The water evaporation goes centrally until the drop does not completely disappear.


The direction of organism ageing

fig. 14


A man-sphere is the same drop. If the water has disappeared, leaving the surface of biofilters connected with the habitat and burning down in the oxidation-reduction reactions of an organism, providing the Life - a man will be disappeared too A man has wrinkled up, hence, has dried out, hence, has grown old. On the figure 14 you can see, that the skin is the first one which dries out. It is shown on the figure that the more the radius (the more the cellular water in an organism), the more the length of AB arch, hence, the skin surface site. And on the contrary, the less the radius of this sphere, the less the length of AB arch (the less the water amount in an organism). But in such case to place the large length (AB) on the smaller one (A1B1) it is necessary to gather it as a zig-zag folding. The internal layer of such sphere-drop-man is the internals. This internal sphere has the smallest radius among all four spheres. In other words, when the skin begins to gather, the brain will not feel it clearly. It turns out that the aging of a man goes from the outside to the inside, so, the vector of aging is directed the same way.

A blood filtration in the biofilters varies together with the growth of cellular losses. The diagram of filtration depending on age is shown on the figure 15. It is easy to understand, that it is the diagram of an organism self-poisoning. It is evidently shown on the figure that with time we remove less and less organic slags (the abscissa of the diagram reflects the years of spend life and the ordinate - the amount of removed slags), leaving more and more of them in an organism.


fig. 15


An organism transition to the hydrogen supply from an inorganic carbonic acid to organic acids by virtue of a water deficiency, performed in sector 4 of Bioclock, means "the beginning of the end".

If we compare according to the the figure the degree of blood filtration during the same time intervals, for example, during one year, but in the different age, we may come to an interesting conclusion. The biofilter passes the distance between the beginning and the end of the year for the different time, because the degree of slags removing by the biofilter is unitized with the time. Really, the sinusoid of an absolutely young person has the largest amplitude (the longest time of passage between two points), the sinusoid of a mature man has the smaller amplitude and the sinusoid of an old man has a completely insignificant amplitude (short time of passing between two points, approximating to a straight line).

The conclusion: the older the man, the faster his life time goes by for him! Better to say, beginning from sector 6 of Bioclock, an organism grows old very intensively. Therefore an old man and a young man have the different sense of time. An old man: hardly had I wake up, hey presto, it is the evening. But the time lasts slowly for a young man and it is possible to do a lot of work...

The wrinkles formation on a skin testifies a reduction of its filtering area. The expressed sclerosis of kidneys, lungs and other organs testifies the same. The reduction of the filtering area of the biological filters` cells is directed to the water conservation in an organism, as the source of the hydrogen ions, as the source of life. It is clear, that first of all such reduction of the filtering area of cellular membranes will apply to the biofilters responsible for irrevocable losses of water by an organism. It is a kidney (1,5 litres of urine, I mean water, daily out). It is a skin (600 ml of sweat), these are lungs (420 ml of water at respiration), it is a digestive tube (250 ml of water at excrements). The reduction of the filtering area of biofilters is achieved with the help of a neuroreflex block first of all and not by a sclerotic way. Therefore the following chapter is about a neuroreflex block.


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